Iga Mono Donabes

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The town of Iga, located south of Nagoya, in Mie prefecture in Japan, is home to the oldest kiln sites in the world, with some pieces dating as far back as the Nara era. Iga ware, known for its rugged and strong construction and breathtakingly beautiful designs, epitomizes Japanese ceramics. Iga Mono, a family-owned brand that has been producing ceramic ware for almost two centuries, seeks to revive the centuries-old techniques and use of traditional materials of the Iga region and give it a modern touch. Iga Mono donabes, which have become somewhat of a staple in Japanese kitchens, are handmade pots that are created from naturally porous Iga clay. They have small air pockets that allow for superior heat retention so that you can enjoy even and fragrant cooking. Choose from a selection of Iga Mono rice cookers at Greener Grass Design.