Shop Kaico Enamelware At Greener Grass Design

If you love clean lines and simple designs, you will surely appreciate our selection of Kaico enamelware. Kaico is an award-winning collection of minimalist enamel-coated cookware that is designed by Makoto Koizumi. First introduced in 1990, the brand offers an assortment of products, which include pasta pots, sauce pans, coffee pots, butter warmers and enamel canisters, among others. Each of the products, including the Kaico kettle, is characterized by durability and thermal-efficiency, as well as a restrained and classic Japanese aesthetic that is illustrated by their white enamel steel coating and signature maple accents. Incredibly durable and easy to maintain, Kaico’s range of enamel cookware are the perfect choice for those who value form and functionality. The designs are neutral enough to fit in with your existing collection of pots and pans in your kitchen. Shop Kaico to enjoy exceptional quality and to give your kitchen a cohesive and minimalist look.