BREAD KNIFE (9 ½ in blade) by Morinoki

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□ Commitment to two types of wavy blades for bread cutting knives

■ The two types of wavy blades that are suitable for cutting bread are original styles that were born from the pleasant conversations and research of the female staff.

■ The tip of the knife penetrates into the surface of hard bread, and the middle part allows you to cut the bread smoothly.

■ The sharpness is very good, thin slices are beautifully finished, and almost no bread crumbs appear.

You can cut soft things like chiffon cakes cleanly.

■ Material ‐ Blade: stainless steel (DSR1k6) Handle: solid zelkova

Morinoki handles are made of natural wood, so you can enjoy the expression of each tree with different grains and colors.

Manufactured by Shizu Hamono
Made in Gifu

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