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The Double Cacoon is comfortably big enough for two adults to share.  In a double Cacoon you can stretch out, snuggle up close, or just fall back into it after a hard day. There’s plenty of room inside and you’ll have no shortage of willing companions. If fact, you’ll probably be fighting them for Cacoon-time.  It's safe and strong, simple yet quirky. It’s small enough to carry, yet big enough to share. From wind and wet to sun and sea, its high quality, weatherproof fabric resists all the elements. It’s been tested and hung in every type of environment – in the garden, on a hike, in the woods, by the coast, in the office, insports and leisure centers, in bedrooms and dens, in hotels and adventure playgrounds– inside and out, just hanging out and giving people a lot of fun.


Diameter Ø 5.9 ft
Fabric 35 % Cotton and 65% Polyester. Water repellent, anti mold and bacteria treatment, UV performance
Carabiner Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 1587 lbs
Hanging system Nylon rope 12 & 8mm (Resistance of 4850 & 3086 lbs)
Loading capacity Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging space required - floorspace Minimum space of 6.2 ft diameter - ideal 8.4 ft diameter
Hanging space required - headroom Minimum height of 8 ft - ideal height of 9.2 ft
Weight of product 12 lbs
Individual carton packaging 31.3" x 9.8" x 4.7" / 13 lbs
Tripod stand compatible Yes (SOLD SEPARATELY)

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