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FIELDCANDY TENTS- Not only are they amazing to look at, these tents are made to last for many years. Fieldcandy tents are made in England, top rated and made with the highest possible quality. The famous ‘A’ frame design can withstand extreme weather conditions, it’s considerably larger than other two person tents and extremely easy to assemble (less than five minutes). These high performance expedition tents come with the following features: Fresh pure cotton inner tent so that condensation is never and issue; Digitally printed, limited edition designer flysheet made of 100% polyester. It’s UV fade resistant, fire retardant, and waterproof to a minimum of 5m hydrostatic head. For extra protection, Fieldcandy flysheets are treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Each flysheet features a YKK heavy-duty zipper with both a large inner and outer toggle protected by a Velcro cover. When the flysheet is closed, it creates a large porch area where wet items such as boots and beer can be stored so that you maximize the room inside your tent. One or both flysheet doors can be clipped back and secured to allow more light and air inside the tent. Each flysheet has a badge which shows its unique limited edition number. Fieldcandy tent pegs are made from extra strong hardened aluminum metal which will not bend. Each tent will come with spare pegs and a hammer for installing the pegs. Simple set up poles- High quality, great durability, leight weight aluminum alloy poles. You will be surprised how simple and fast it is to set up the tent poles. Not only are they environmentally friendly, all you need to do is hold the pole at each end and wiggle for them to slide together all by themselves. Breathable Cotton Inner Tent- The simple act of breathing creates moisture inside your tent. Plastic tents trap this moisture however Fieldcandy’s 100% cotton inner tent allowing for a dry, comfortable relaxed nights sleep. Large, spacious and safe sleeping area- Larger than other two person camp tents, the interior has a mesh window which allows for great ventilation and air flow. Interior includes a lantern hanging point and is fire retardant to US and EU standards CPAI-84. Inner tent door can be locked when tent is unattended. Lockable accessory storage compartments- If you need a place to store you mobile phone or other important bits, the FieldCandy tents have storage compartments which can be locked with combination padlocks. Each tent comes with an extra strong water-proof groundsheet with raised edges and water-tight seems. OWNERS MANUAL HIGHLIGHTS GROUNDSHEET Waterproof and extra strong, with raised edges and watertight seams. FLYSHEET Exclusive, limited edition, digitally printed design. Porch entrance for extra shelter and storage. Waterproof and fire retardant. Treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. CLASSIC A-FRAME DESIGN Strong, stable and simple to assemble. TENT PEGS Extra-strong so they don’t bend or twist. HAMMER AND CUSTOM PEG PULLER Saves hurting your foot pushing the pegs in, and your fingers pulling them out. INNER TENT Fully breathable, for a drier, more comfortable sleep. Calming, sleep-inducing light grey. Lockable door for better security. Four lockable, plus four see-through, storage pockets. Two mobile phone/mp3 pockets. Mesh window for extra light and ventilation. Lantern hanging point. EXTRA PEG DOWN POINTS Roof won’t dip and the groundsheet won’t ruck. COMBINATION PADLOCKS For lockable pockets and inner door. SPARES KIT AND INSTRUCTIONS Because no matter how hard you try, that rogue peg will always find its way into the abyss under the back seat of the car. FieldCandy tents are easy and quick to assemble, but it’s always good to have a reference. GUARANTEE This guarantee does not affect and is in addition to your statutory rights. FieldCandy products are guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects in materials and manufacture, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. All FieldCandy tents must pass rigorous quality control checks before we release them into the wild. Faults are highly unlikely, but should any become apparent within the guarantee period, please contact us at For our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Guarantee in full, please see IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT OF A PROBLEM, WE’LL NEED A full description of the problem. Your Unique Product Number. Your name and contact details. We will either repair qualifying defects free of charge or replace all or parts of the product at our sole discretion. Please note that as all FieldCandy flysheets are Limited Editions, FieldCandy cannot guarantee to replace the same design and as such, should a flysheet require replacement and no longer be available, you would be asked to choose a current design. FieldCandy’s only responsibility shall be limited to repair or replacement of the defective product. FieldCandy cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss. This guarantee is only valid when the product it covers is used for recreational purposes in conditions for which FieldCandy tents are designed. It is not valid for commercial or non-recreational usage – for example, tent hire or expedition use. This guarantee also excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, including weathering, ultra-violet degradation, storm damage, high wind, misuse, neglect, improper care or accident. Please note that this is a ‘back to base’ guarantee. It therefore does not include the cost of returning the product to us. Exceptions may be made, but these must be at our sole discretion. FIELDCANDY ADVICE As the famous saying goes: “Look after your tent – and your tent will look after you.” Well, maybe it’s not that well known, but it’s certainly true. This section advises you on how to use and look after your FieldCandy tent, so that you and it remain on good terms for years to come. Before putting up your FieldCandy tent for the first time, check that all components are present and undamaged. See What’s in the box? on pages 11 and 12. Ideally, practice at home first so it’ll be easier when it comes to the real thing. Choose a level site with good drainage, avoid areas that could flood or hold water. For safety, don’t camp directly under trees. Trees also create sap which is difficult to remove without damaging your flysheet. Remove any stones or hard objects that could puncture the groundsheet and try to wear soft shoes or bare feet when inside your tent. Position the tent with the door facing away from any prevailing wind and always shut both doors when you are away from your tent, particularly on windy days. Always use storm guylines provided in windy or stormy conditions. Always put up your tent with all zips closed. Always angle tent pegs away from the tent and only use the hammer provided. When putting your inner tent away, fold towards the doorway with the zip open to let air escape. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Inner tent, Flysheet, A-frame poles, Ridge pole, Connector, Pegs, Hammer, Peg puller, Spares kit, Padlocks, Storm guylines, Instructions, Every FieldCandy tent comes with spare tent pegs, so don’t worry if there are pegs left over, even when all the peg-down points are full! SAFETY ADVICE All FieldCandy tents are fire retardant- in essence, the fabric will not continue to burn after brief contact from a flame or combustion source. Do not use detergent or bleach to wash the tent, as this will reduce its fire retardancy. Like all tents, your FieldCandy tent is not fireproof, so make sure that all cooking, fire lighting, smoking etc. takes place a safe distance away. It’s also advisable not to store combustible materials in or very near the tent. ALWAYS Keep the tent exit clear. Read and follow the safety instructions on all equipment. Know in advance how you’ll tackle a fire should one occur. AND NEVER Use the padlocks provided to lock yourself in the tent in case of fire. Only use the padlocks to reduce opportunist theft when you leave your tent unattended. TAKE CARE Not to trip over storm guylines when set out and avoid standing on tent pegs in bare feet. CARING FOR YOUR FIELDCANDY TENT With normal careful use, your FieldCandy tent should last for many years. Take it down when not in use, and avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. ZIPS Periodically treat all zips with a silicon spray, especially after use in sandy or dusty conditions. TENT POLES These should be dried and occasionally wiped with silicon spray STORAGE POCKETS Please don’t use for heavy items, as this may distort the tent. FLYSHEET Remove dirt with a soft brush and wipe off stains with a cloth and mild soap solution. Don’t machine wash or tumble dry and never use detergent. INNER TENT If needed, wash in warm water with mild soap. Don’t machine wash or tumble dry and never use detergent. Rinse carefully and dry thoroughly before packing away. STORAGE To reduce mildew your tent is treated with Ultra-Fresh, an antifungal and anti-bacterial agent. However, always ensure that your entire tent is completely dry before packing it away. Always store your dry tent in a cool dry place. If space permits, hang it open rather than folded to allow good air circulation. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY The world’s very precious, full of beautiful places. Hopefully you’ll be putting up your FieldCandy tent in lots of them. Unfortunately, all commercial activity has an impact on the environment. However, we seek to minimise ours. We’re committed to best environmental practice in design, material specification, manufacture, distribution and end-of-life disposal of our product. We conform to all relevant EU and US environmental regulations and codes of practice, but strive for higher standards wherever achievable. We’re working towards conformance to ISO 14001 environmental management standards, and continuously review and improve our environmental policy and practices. SUPPLY CHAIN We source materials and components from responsible companies in several countries, see page 24. All suppliers must have demonstrable environmental standards and be fair and ethical employers. We frequently visit suppliers to witness their practices first hand. CODE OF CONDUCT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Our products are currently manufactured in several countries, see page 24. Assembly, inspection, packaging and shipping are carried out in the UK. We are fortunate in having suppliers with established reputations as fair employers committed to good social and environmental practices. We are confident and happy that all our supply chain partners share the same high values. Our aim is to provide you with a product that gives you pleasure and reassurance that it comes from a responsible supplier. We want you to enjoy our products all the more because they are designed and produced with care by ourselves and suppliers who all abide by our code of conduct for workers. We aim to take responsibility for the impact of our brand as it continues to grow. The FieldCandy Team QUALITY ASSURANCE All FieldCandy materials and components are sourced globally from outdoor product specialists who are the best in their class, with international reputations for quality. FLYSHEETS Our exclusive designer flysheets are printed in England, using UK manufactured fabric (ISO 14001) by a leading high definition wide format fabric printer accredited with ISO 9001. The fabric is then waterproofed prior to being made up and machined by a UK specialist company, again to ISO standards. INNER TENT Our 100% natural cotton inner tent is produced in China using regionally grown cotton. The manufacturer has a worldwide reputation for quality and has ISO standards accreditation and easily achieves our code of conduct for its workers. POLES AND PEGS These are manufactured in South Korea using an innovative acid-free process that is much less environmentally harmful than conventional methods, and greatly reduces health risks for its staff. The company also operates the most stringent quality control methods. ZIPS AND BITS AND BOBS Zips and other fixings and fittings are made by YKK, the world’s leading zip manufacturer. Accessories are manufactured on behalf of FieldCandy by specialist producers in the UK and Europe. TECHNICAL STUFF Outer dimensions 3.55m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 1.40m (H) Inner dimensions 2.65m (L) x 1.50m (W) x 1.30m (H) Carry bag 0.60m (L) x 0.25m (W) x 0.25m (H) Weight 7.4Kg FLYSHEET 193gsm 100% polyester. Digitally printed with fluorocarbon and polyurethane coatings. Waterproof to a minimum of 3,000mm hydrostatic head. Fire retardant to EU and US standard CPAI-84. Strength, flex and tear tested. Tensile Strength 1021 - 1646 N/50mm. Highly UV fade resistant. Treated with Ultra-Fresh, an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. GROUNDSHEET HD 210TN nylon with raised bath tub edges and watertight sealed seams. Waterproofed to 10,000mm hydrostatic head. INNER TENT 170gsm 100% natural cotton. Durable, water resistant and breathable fabric. Fire retardant to EU and US standard CPAI-84. SEWING AND SEALING FieldCandy inner tents are sewn with cotton and flysheets with treated polyester, both through flat felled seams, which are then seam sealed for maximum performance.

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