KAICO ENAMEL BUTTER WARMER designed by Makoto Koizumi

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Holds 200 ml, or just under 7oz. 3" x 2.5" with 4.5" handle.

Made in Japan

Kaico was created by the Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi. The cookware series is simple yet beautiful and award-winning. The series includes various sauce pans, coffee pot, tea pot, pasta pot with a steel strainer insert. Not only is the Kaico series durable and thermal-efficient, the white enamel coated steel with maple handles has the classic yet rudimentary aesthetics of Japanese tradition. Koizumi worked with local factories to bring the production of enamel to the Mie prefecture of Japan.

Hand wash only. Use soft sponge and mild dish soap. This product is not dishwasher safe.