Kanaami-Tsuji STEAMER RACK (Stainless Steel)

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small: diameter: 18cm
height: 5cm

medium: diameter: 20cm
height: 5cm

large: diameter: 22cm
height: 5cm

sold separately

It is said that the history of wire netting ware ("Kanaami" in Japanese) in Kyoto goes back more than ten centuries. Used as kitchen utensils in Kyoto cuisine, these tools have been cherished by chefs in the city through the ages. 

At Kanaami-Tsuji, using the wisdom and experience of the past, our concept is to produce handmade utensils that can be also used in contemporary lifestyles.

At Kanaami-Tsuji, using original techniques such as kiku-dashi ("chrysanthemum pattern") and kikko-ami ("tortoise shell netting"), we offer tofu servers and tea sifts that are individually handmade.

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