Ki Ki Ki 03 designed by Karimoku

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“Ki Ki Ki”, wood-shape objects made with plywood that promote energy circulation. In Japanese, Ki stands for wood and energy flow Karimoku Inc. and TORAFU ARCHITECTS joint-developed this product based on the thought that this product would enrich the daily lives of people in the world who spend a longer time at home. The 3-types of rounded objects are reminiscent of trees with various individualities. They fit the body and can be used as an acupressure massage.

Manufactured and sold by: Karimoku Furniture

Materials: Laminated wood (Oak / Walnut / Sapele / Cherry / Maple)

Size: 2” x 6. ½”H

Novelty items jointly developed with Karimoku to enrich the daily lives of people around the world who spend more time at home. Based on the sustainability efforts of a manufacturer that manages everything from wood procurement to manufacturing in-house and continues to deal with wood, we make use of offcuts discharged during the furniture manufacturing process.

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