Kifuku (Porcelain) Clock by Lemnos

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Designer: Noriko Hashida

Dimensions: 270 × d41mm

Weight: 910g

Materials: Porcelain

Movement: Sweep Second

Handcrafted in Toyama, Japan

Rivers, oceans, hills, and mountains.

There are many ups and downs in nature.

Some are very small,

and some are overwhelmingly large.

Some are created in an instant and disappear,

while others are formed over an epic period of time.

The ups and downs express the workings of nature,

and indicate the passage of time through their shapes.

Kifuku is a clock that features waves as its motif.

The moment when water ripples in the wind has been cut out and arranged in a circle.

The shadows stretching across the dent from the raised area create a gradation, gently conveying the passage of time.

*Lead time 2-3 weeks

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