LEFF TILE 25 CLOCK WHITE by Robert Bronwasser

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Designer Robert Bronwasser created the beautiful Tile 25 to be a simple interior object that could either hang on a the wall or stand alone. The clock is defined by it's soft square shape, it's lovely ceramic finish and a touch of bamboo to give the clock a subtle yet contemporary feel. Materials: clock has a ceramic body, bamboo hands Mechanism: Seiko movement accuracy and needs AA batteries which will power the clock for approximately 1 year. Dimensions: h:25cm/9.8¡å ¨C w:25cm/9.8¡å About the designer: Robert Browasser aims to make everyday common products outstanding- both in function and form. Even though the object might be familiar Browasser wants the products to have their own exclusive and unique character. An excellent product looks amazing, it's easy to use and wonderful to have. About LEFF Amsterdam: LEFF believes that nobody really needs a clock therefore they create clocks they tell interesting stories. LEFF designers are invested in the pursuit of functional beauty. They believe in creating objects with the highest standards and grounded in the best ideas/concepts. They have a reverence for tradition however they are happy to challenge convention.

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