MAGNO WOODEN RADIO (LARGE) design by Singgih Kartono

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ReKTO/4bands 'Specs
-Product :31x11.5x20.5 cm. 
-Box : 34.5x15x22.7 cm.
Weight : +/- 2,200 gr. 
-Body Pine wood
-Knobs Mahogany 
-Front & Back Panel : Fabric covered 
Finishing : wood oil/wax. 
Inside : 4 bands FM/AM/SW1/SW2 radio receiver. Available with the Japan FM. 
Power : 6 Volt DC. Using 4x1.5V)
AA size battery. DC-in 6V with external electric adaptor.
Accessories : music player connector, external antenna.

After studying industrial design at university, Singgih Kartono, creator of Magno Speakers, wanted to do something to help his small village in Java, Indonesia. He had the idea of making wooden radios and speakers in a retro styling. Fast forward a few years and his dreams have become reality with a small workshop in his village they now produce a range of amazing wooden radios and speakers. Employing a number of his local villagers all of the products are hand made to the finest detail. 

Sustainability is one of the most important things to Singgih with an approach to production that causes minimal waste. A tree nursery was also created to counter the use of timber his products require. The tree nursery provides saplings for transplant to many parts of Java and also helps his village by employing a number of local villagers.

About KuBO and ReKTO (in the words of Singgih Kartono)
The ReKto wooden radio design base is on a running production radio made by a well known electronic manufacturer in Indonesia. When I saw it for the first time, the original radio had a nice basic configuration (size, position of knobs, frequency display etc.) as well as producing good sound. I thought it would be great if I could redesign it not just to produce a new appearance, but to produce in my home village. I was so sure that a mutual collaboration between a large company who provided high-quality electronic parts with a well developed crafts activity would give many benefits for both parties. So I set out on this venture.

I always put in my mind to design products that will have a long life cycle, hopefully timeless... basic shape with a perfect proportion in the whole as well as good in proportion of its parts are the foundation of my design. I combine the wood with fabric for back & front panel. Fabric covering the structure but it pass the sound comes from inside. Fabric & wood give a warmer & friendly expression compare to plastic or metal. I love the lock system for the battery case, simple but beautiful. 

The KuBO and ReKTO radios are completed with an auxiliary connecter so you can also use it as a speaker. We also added an External Antenna and its port. Both KuBO & ReKTO use 6V DC power, you can use battery as well as external power input. See technical information in the User's Manual inside the package.

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