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The size is 7.5 L. size: ? 220 x H 190 mm

Makoo’s line of biosac containers made from polypropylene plastic commonly found in packing material, textiles, stationary and plastic cases and containers are easily portable bags meant to carry a variety of items on the go or in the home. They also make excellent planters. The containers’ polypropylene material has high water permeability and breathability allowing for plants to grow with top soil conditions.

Makoo is a one man operation in the heart of Tokyo with a heart for the environment.  Makoto, the founder and source of the brand’s name, came from fashion, but eventually founded his own company after realizing environmentally conscious recycled products on the market today were not desirable for people who wanted long-lasting, high quality products with a design eye.  His answer to this dilemma was thoughtfully designed, attractive recycled products that were multifunctional and with the ability to age with the owner.

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