Master Shin's Anvil #59 Paring Knife, large

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This flat blade paring knife is just the right size for zesting citrus, peeling a pear, de-veining shrimp or other tight tasks a recipe requests of you - can also be used to chop ginger, garlic or other small produce.

Materials: Handle: chestnut or oak wood, shade-dried for years to achieve the correct weight, stability and water resistance. Blade: Made from the strong steel used for railroad tracks.

Dimensions: L: 9" (4.5" handle, 4.5" blade, 1.3" W blade at widest point))

Made In: South Korea

No need to sharpen before 2-3 years of regular use. After which point, sharpen by hand, using a honing stone. Avoid use on hard surfaces. Wipe clean with soft cloth or use water only. Clean and dry thoroughly to prevent rust. To store, dry and lightly oil the surface. 

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