MOD 01 BLANKET by Mae Engelgeer

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A minimalistic and modern blanket made out of high quality yarns in black and blue, hues of pastel and hints of bordeaux. The blanket is made at the TextielLab in The Netherlands.

Size  –  165 x 200 cm

Quality — Mohair, merino wool, cotton

The work of award winning textile designer Mae Engelgeer can be described as fresh, modern and eye-catching. All of those elements emerge from Mae’s intuition, ultimately coming together into a unique sensible whole. Reintroducing often forgotten weaving techniques, her aesthetic is fresh, light and versatile. Her signature colors and patterning keep developing as she continually seeks collaborations with other designers, labels and crafts. Mae combines bright colors, striking graphics and high quality materials to create beautiful ranges of products, including blankets, rugs, furniture fabrics, cushions and scarves. Most of her work is developed in cooperation with and produced by the Dutch Textile Museum's TextileLab.

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