POKEBOO Packable Rubber Rain Boots - Charcoal

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Item Description: Reinforced sole with textured tread. Nylon collar with drawstring. Each pair comes with a nylon carrying bag with elastic compression straps, drawstring and carabiner. Pair weight: 1.2lbs.

Material: Waterproof natural rubber with nylon lining.

Care Instructions: To clean the exterior of the boots, use a cloth and cool water. To clean the interior, remove lining, wash by hand and line dry. Never put in the dryer and do not use petroleum products as they will react with the rubber surface. High quality natural rubber sometimes "blooms", which casts a white powdery layer on the boots. You may remove this with light soap and cool water. When not in use, store in a dry place out of bright or direct sunlight. To ensure your Pokeboo boots retain the shape of your feet and legs, insert a structured material such as newspaper inside when not in use. 


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