Riki Duono Copper Clock by Lemnos

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Designer: Riki Watanabe

Dimensions: 204*d60mm

Weight: 630g

Materials: Pure copper, ABS resin, Glass

Movement: Electric, Japanese

Handcrafted in Toyama, Japan

In commemoration of the one-hundredth birthday of Riki Watanabe, we manufactured two kinds of beloved clocks that were designed by him. They feature pure copper frames since this was the metal he held most dear.
We became even fonder of copper after introducing bare copper sheets to the interior design at Brillant, the main bar at Keio Plaza Hotel, for the first time. We produced a lot of trial products and pursued possibilities for different designs of clock.
Indulge yourself in the pure and alluring beauty of the clock.

*Lead time 2-3 weeks

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