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Origo's striped styles provide a vibrant feature to any kind of setting. An eye-catching décor with defined structure can liven up any setting. Origo is easily combinable with other Iittala tableware because of its extensive variety of hues. Its simple design is an excellent representation of endless style. Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1.9" (5.5 oz) Designer In 1964, Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Switzerland he studied industrial design. Today, he is a well-known worldwide designer established in Zurich. Häberli efficiently brings together tradition and renewal. Joy and energy can be seen in his designs. The human being is the starting position of Häberli's design process. His objects and structures are designed to be used in everyday living. He is unprejudiced and innovative in his perception of the actual situation in which an item is used and does not create form for the benefit of it. Depending on his ideas, his style changes to the archetypes of objects that have designed through the times, which makes the daily objects around people fit this time and the scenario they are used in accurately. Porcelain Iittala uses vitro porcelain, which is modern, resilient porcelain with a slightly off-white color. All Iittala china is oven, microwave and freezer safe. However, do not take a dish directly from the oven and put it into a cold, wet surface area or place it on a steel surface. A dish taken from a freezer cannot be place directly into a hot oven. As liquid expands when it freezes, a dish filled with liquid is not freezer safe. Do not use a dish if it has a crack because in an unexpected temperature change the plate can break. And lastly, if you cook frozen meals in the microwave it should be cooked in low-heat. As it is mainly knives that are pressed hardest against the outer surface of dishes, the majority of cutlery manufacturers now make serrated knives from tempered steel. (It is not worth making serrated knives from non-tempered stainless steel, as the serrated edge would wear down quite quickly.) The stainless steel of silverware is relatively soft and can cause black areas on the porcelain if pressed hard against the outer surface area of dishes. The spots cannot be eliminated with frequent cleaning, but a metal cleansing agent can be rubbed gently onto the surface area. To sustain the strength of the glazed surface area, avoid friction while stacking the dishes. Freezer safe Iittala items are freezer safe. However, hot dishes and foods should be cooled before placed in a freezer. Frozen dishes should not be placed in a hot oven or microwave as well. Do not freeze liquids as they expand when frozen. Oven safe Most Iittala cooking and porcelain items are oven safe up to 250 ºC. While in the oven, the base of the dish should be filled with liquid or meals. The distance of the dish to the oven grill should be at least 10 cm. Do not place a hot Iittala plate in the freezer or a frozen dish in a hot oven. Microwave safe Iittala porcelain and heat-resistant glass items are microwave oven safe and can be used for de-frosting, re-heating and food preparation in the microwave oven. However, do not defrost frozen porcelain dishes, i.e. dishes with meals recently taken out of the freezer, on full power in the microwave oven. Dishwasher safe Iittala items labeled with the “dishwasher safe” logo can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Place the dishes in the dishwasher so that they do not contact each other during the wash cycle, as that may result in chipping. Fill the dishwasher evenly on the top and bottom levels. Rinse dirty dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to be cleaned. For example, rinsing glass products with dairy residue is recommended as dairy products can leave a cloudy film on the glass when washed in high temperatures. All of Iittala’s utility glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The glasses should be placed on the top level of the dishwasher so that they do not contact each other during the wash cycle. The surface area of glass increases when heated and therefore glass should not be placed on top of one another while still warm from cleaning as they then may stick together and break. Delicate stemware, pitchers and containers, cups, large-footed dessert bowls and objects with glass of different thickness should be washed by hand.