Sparrow X CLOCK Gray form by Haoshi Design

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820mm(W) × 80mm(D) × 450mm(H)

Sparrows stay for a while at my front window then fly away at next second toward its destination to chase its dream. Thank you for being there with me, even though it was only a short period of time, yet it was full of wonderful moments. Therefore, I would give my blessings to those who had left and look forward to welcoming those who is yet to come.; Sparrows symbolize the good things in life. Some will come and go and be forgotten as time goes by, but some will be found just outside your window. All you need to do is to open the window and let them in. Just let time record the details of that story.; Resin / Taiwan Movement; Paste the installation chart on the wall.; Use four of the elliptic holes on the installation chart to mark the positions for placing the birds.; Please press lightly for 30 seconds on each sparrow to ensure they really stick to the wall.;

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