Toyo Sasaki Glassware

Toyo Sasaki Glass (TSG) was formed in 2002 when Toyo Glass, which was founded in 1878 during the Meiji era, officially merged with Sasaki Glass. This merger also brought together the long-standing traditions and technologies of both the brands, which catapulted TSG to the position of the biggest and one of the best glassware manufacturers in Japan. At Greener Grass Design, discover a stunning range of Toyo Sasaki glasses that are created by master craftsmen who have years of experience in glassmaking. Each product offered by the brand are known for their exclusive designs and impeccable durability. Their stackable glasses have been used in the food and restaurant industry for many decades and have also received numerous accolades. Their sturdy build coupled with a durable design and stackability doesn’t just make them a great choice for restaurants but also homes.