TREE VASE by Haoshi Design

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Dimensions: W360mm x D270mm x H380mm / 2100gram

Materials: Ceramic

Haoshi ‘s tree vase brings up a one-second handy home anesthetic by choosing a bunch of flowers you like and without spending too much thought but put it into the flower utensil as you like. The natural atmosphere created at home and add-on of fresh, dynamic momentum in the working environment is incredible! The beauty will come up in our living without any expectation – with flower with you.

Haoshi ‘s tree vase was created by adopting the idea of the tree's original shape, two-year development, and it was fabricated manually through particularly the potter in Yingge, Taiwan. All you have to do is to insert the bunch of a flower into the hole of a branch. The difference can be significant by having some flowers through the natural balance of the utensil, and it also becomes an art piece, although the little flower is everything we have.


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