BLOMUS Scented Candle With Marble Container

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blomus Scented Candle With Marble Container is beautiful and beautifully aromatic. The candles feature selected aroma compositions with a discreet and long lasting scent. The soy candle is free of palm-oil and produces a particularly low amount of soot.  Burn time is 40 hours. 4.3" height x 3.9" diameter. Each 7 oz candle includes a coordinating marble lid to maintain scent. Beautiful marble container can be reused for storage after candle is burned out. 

  • Mora Vanilla is the leading actor here and to avoid it being too playful, lavender and myrrh blend in. The scent is mystical, takes us to the Orient and caresses our soul. Moonbeam (beige) marble container.
  • Tonga is a journey to the South Seas with citrusy freshness meeting herbal pine wood. Balsamic scents immerge into an herbal beauty. Refreshing and exotic, like a tropical rain forest. Sharkskin (grey) marble container.
  • Agave is a fireworks of aroma. The bitter citrus fruit, combined with clove, patchouli and white amber is extravagant. The Ylang-Ylang aroma make the scent exceptional. Aromatic floridness enhance sensuality. Magnet (charcoal) marble container.
  • Figue lets the Mediterranean move into your home. The Fig's freshness is calming and relaxing. The scent is aromatic and bloomy, but not too playful. A well balanced mixture. 

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