WALNUT WASTE BIN by Saito Wood (TS222)

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Dimensions: 15.1/2 in H x 11 in

The technology of "molded plywood" was developed during the Second World War due to the limited supply of wood and other natural resources.
In 1948, Isamu Saito established Saito Woodworking shop in the town of Kawane in the Shizuoka prefecture, and started production of joinery woodworking products, made-to-order furtniture, and baseball bats. 

Woodworking shops had a difficult time due to the lack of natural resources, so Isamu Saito began to use plywood and MDF to create and manufacture various faux-wood products.
in 1957, Saito Wood relocated its factor to Shizuoka City and started manufacturing various interior household goods with curves that are striking and beautiful, and are of the sort that is not possible when working with solid wood. It’s also light, strong and easy to work with.

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