"'YAKI YAKI SAN" GRILL PAN (ND-18) by Iga Mono

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Smokeless Grill: Collaboration of Earth, Water, and Fire

This uniquely designed Iga-yaki (Iga-style) ceramic grill promotes the Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) when the grill is heated with the flame of the stove. With this effect, the heat built in the grill reaches to the core of each ingredient fast and cooks like the charcoal grill.

Because the ceramic grill is made of the naturally porous clay from Iga, Japan, the grill tends to retain the same heat level even right after ingredients are placed on the grill.

The grill body is designed to work as a hearth, which also helps the heat to build slowly and prevents the grill from becoming too hot.

By filling the outer reservoir with the water, it works as a drip pan, where the excess fat from the cooking can drain through the gaps of the slightly inclined grate. This system not only helps the healthier cooking, but also keeps the grease from draining directly over the flame.

With the combination of FIR, heat-retention system, and the outer reservoir mentioned above, this ceramic grill could cook the ingredients to the desirable doneness while keeping the smoke release minimum.

Clay Pottery (ceramic, made of the clay from Iga, Japan)

Color: black

Size: 32.5 cm (13") diameter x H11 cm (4.25") - incl. the grill top

Weight: 4.2 kg (about 9.5 lbs.)

Made by Nagatani-en

Origin: Iga, Japan

The parts consist of the grill body (bottom part), and grill top

For gas stove top use only

Not suitable for the electric range or microwave

Not suitable for the dishwasher

The package also includes an English instruction sheet.

Usually ships within 3 business days of order.

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