#66 Sickle Master Shin's Anvil

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Can cut grass and small trees. The central part of the blade is concave, so the edge can be easily sharpened. Blade edge retains sharpness for ≈ 2-3 seasons of normal use.

Materials: Handle: chestnut or oak wood, shade-dried for years to achieve the correct weight, stability and water resistance. Blade: made from the strong spring steel used in the auto industry to prevent warping.

Dimensions: L: 18.8" x W: 7.8"

Made In: South Korea

Wipe clean with soft cloth or use water only. Clean and dry thoroughly to prevent rust. To store, dry and lightly oil the surface.

Master Shin In-Young produces the best handmade knives and farming tools in Korea and was named by the Gyeonggi Province as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasure in 2016.

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